PROTEOR has been completely dedicated to helping disabled people since 1984 and is recognized for its expertise in the field. All of its operations have a single aim, that of helping disabled people to regain their independence. 

Due to its huge experience in the field, its relationships with experts and the joint work carried out in conjunction with various charities, PROTEOR has become a leader in the design and the manufacture of assistive technology.

The Electronic Assistive Technology Department (an overview of which can be found on this website) meets the specific needs of certain types of disabled individuals, those for example with myopathy, locked-in syndrome, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, cerebral palsy, sclerosis, and so on.

The above diseases and injuries often lead to paralysis, impairments or difficulties to meet the daily needs of everyone.

- How can you select your favorite TV show when you cannot use standard TV remotes?
- How can you answer the phone when you cannot control your hands?
- How can you say what you think, see, want or need when you suffer from a language disorder?
- How can you open a door or switch on a light without moving?
- How can a disabled person live like everyone else and do so in any situation?

PROTEOR has examined these situations and developed the technical solutions that are set out on this website.

Our Electronic Assistive Technology Department develops and markets equipment required by disabled people to communicate, to express themselves and to control their home environment- environment control devices, adapted I.T. products, AAC devices (vocal synthesis), switches, etc.

Our customer promise: To provide a very wide range of carefully selected products that meet ISO 9000:2000 quality standards and CE-conformity requirements.

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