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TELO is an environmental control unit: a device that enables users to remotely control one or more electrical appliances in their home’s rooms. TELO is designed for people with motor disabilities who cannot perform certain tasks in their living environment and who wish gain autonomy by achieving them on their own.

TELO can be used in three different ways:

- By pressing the touch screen directly
- By pressing a switch: there is a complete range of switches suitable for different types of disabilities (control by support, by the breath, by head/arm/eyelids movements, etc ...).
The switch can be connected directly to TELO (wired switch) or a radio transmitter 7T604 (wireless switch) available as an option and on which any model of contactors can be connected.
- By pressing a joystick that can be used on a specific support (reference dock station joystick assembly 7T09). The action on the wheelchair’s joystick is possible.
- By voice recognition, by saying a word associated with a touch of TELO, causing the action defined on the same key. These words are listed in a keyword library prefinished, this library can be improved by the user.



Video n°1 : Télo - installation start up and introduction
Video n°2 : Télo - how to create a personal page
Video n°3 : Télo - record an infrared code
Video n°4 : Télo - accessibility settings
Video n°5 : Télo - SIM card and phone

Product Nr Version
7T600 TELO : infrarouge, wifi/bluetooth, GSM intégré, station d'accueil
7T616 Option reconnaissnce vocale pour 7T600
7T617 7T600 + reconnaissance vocale
7T602 Station d'accueil TELO supplémentaire
7T603 Bras orientable pour TELO
7T604 Emetteur sans fil pour contacteur
7T605 Récepteur PC
7T606 Balise de localisation
7T607 Ensemble de 2 guide-doigts
7T608 Protection silicone pour TELO
7T609 Microphone externe pour TELO
7T610 Logiciel de programmation sur PC (inclus dans 7T600)
7T611 Câble TELO / Dynamic Control (Bus Can)
7T612 Câble TELO pour sorties relais
7T613 Câble TELO / Joystick contacts secs (ECU)
7T614 Câble TELO / Penny & Giles
7T615 Câble TELO / Dynamic Control et sortie relais
7T618 Chargeur usb fauteuil roulant pour TELO

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