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Since DIALO has been launched on the market in 2003, its sales have rapidly reached a high level in France and abroad.
DIALO is a real communication aid that allows every non speaking person to communicate whatever his physical handicap may be.

Its ergonomy allows a fast communication adapted to every situation.
As it is equipped with a new software, its performances have been improved (shorter keyboard response time, modified prediction...).
DIALO V2 keeps all the features that made DIALO's successful, but is now granted with a more efficient touchscreen with perfect contrast, a more powerful battery for a longer autonomy and two very luminous text displays ensuring a good readability.

• Colour touchscreen :
Colour selection, adjustable contrast and back-lightning
• More powerful battery


1. Dynamic keyboard with touchscreen and high contrast.
2. Two very luminous displays with high capacity (4 lines of 40 characters on the user side) to visualize the complete message, even if it is long.
3. Prediction : pressing a letter leads to the proposal of 5 complete words.
4. Possible printer connection.
5. Access mode by adapted switch for users who can't use the keyboard.
6. Choice of a male or female voice.
Supplied with a transport bag.
8. Dynamic keyboard allowing both a correct size of key and access to all necessary functions by changing the keyboard
9. Dynamic keyboard allowing several kinds of keyboard : AZERTY, QWERTY, ABCDEF, by letter use frequence in the relevant language, PHONETIC.
10. Dynamic prediction allowing to show only the most used words.
11. High capacity of message memory : more than 10 000 characters.
12. Direct access to the printer via a single key.
13. Numerous adjustments depending on the user's possibilities.

Product Nr Version
7N510 DIALO V2 voix homme / male voice
7N511 DIALO V2 voix femme / female voice

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