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  • PROTEOR contacteur au souffle
  • PROTEOR contacteur au souffle 2

Flexible and directional.
8 mm diameter, 650 mm length.
With fixing vice.
Operated by sucking or breathing out with adjustable sensitivity.
Compatible with the break/closing nurse call systems.

Meets the standards in force for sterilization and use of this type of equipment.
CE0120 certification, Class 2A.

Product Nr Version Set
7T10002 Lot de 12 filtres anti-bactériens / Set of 12 antibacterial filters
7T10003 Lot de 12 flexibles / Set of 12 flexible tubes
7T10004 Lot de 12 embouts / Set of 12 nozzles
7T10007 Lot de 12 embouts petite taille / Set of 12 nozzles, small size
7T100 Contacteur au souffle

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